Birmingham Airport luggage warning as new national rules to hit in hours

Queues outside the terminal to security at Birmingham Airport this month
-Credit: (Image: @CaptainGlobie)

New airport rules are coming into force within hours as Birmingham Airport boss Nick Barton broke his silence on long queues passengers have faced. Nick Barton blamed "non-compliant" bags as he warned rules limiting travellers to 100ml of gels, pastes, and liquids in hand luggage are being introduced nationally from 12.01am tomorrow (Sunday, June 9).

However, he said passengers were still trying to take bags with larger amounts of the restricted items through security, adding an extra 20 minutes per traveller to the wait time to clear through. He says it's now "imperative" that all passengers follow the rules to ensure queues are reduced, BirminghamLive reports.

He spoke publicly at the end of another week of passengers joining lengthy queues to clear security. Some travellers told BirminghamLive they missed their flight as a result.

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The ongoing problem saw the airport branded a "shambles" on social media, while some questioned why Nick Barton remained silent on the issue. Former business chief and deputy lord lieutenant of the West Midlands, David Frost, posted on X: "This has been brewing for months and the chief exec has gone AWOL.

"What role are the board and directors taking in holding the senior executives to account? A third-world airport for a city trying to put itself on the global stage."

Birmingham Airport said it had been complying with the 100ml rule for several months due to an "outstanding regulatory" approval on new screening machines installed as part of a major upgrade which has seen a new security zone created. Mr Barton said: "The rules we have been adhering to since March are now very clear in that only liquids, pastes and gels up to 100ml can be carried through in hand luggage.

"Since opening our new security area, and despite being one of the first UK airports to comply, we have been limited on the use of our multi-million-pound equipment due to an outstanding regulatory restriction meaning we had to limit liquids to 100ml. This rule has now been implemented nationwide.

"Despite the 100ml rule still being in place, we continually have non-compliant bags with liquids over the allowance which has led to inefficiencies of our equipment and resulted in extended queuing time for customers. It is now imperative all customers comply with the nationwide rule to ensure a smoother and simpler transition through the airport.

"A non-compliant bag with liquids over 100ml can add up to 20 minutes to each passenger's journey through security. All travelling customers should check their hand luggage to ensure it complies with this restriction."

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