Birmingham Airport spells out key to cutting down queues as security wait drops to 'minutes'

-Credit: (Image: Birmingham Live)
-Credit: (Image: Birmingham Live)

Birmingham Airport bosses have spelt out the secret to cutting down long queues and stressful waits - and it appears to very simple. BHX revealed passengers now face an average wait of 22 minutes to get into the terminal and reports from holidaymakers over the last week appear to reinforce this.

A BHX spokesperson told BirminghamLive on July 8: "As it stands today so far our average security waiting time is 22 minutes." This is a big contrast to hectic scenes of long snaking queues we have reported on in recent weeks.

Birmingham Airport said the measures it took out last month, like 100 'liquid consultants' and new signage, seem to be paying off. This, travel chiefs told us, has led to passengers arriving at BHX more prepared for the security screening process. However, while disruption seems to have died down, they are still seeing "significant liquids being confiscated, with the number fluctuating each day."

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The message from Birmingham Airport is to be prepared with your liquids, the 100ml rule, and that will ensure an efficient transit through screening machines. As we reported, a UK government directive called for revalidation of the software on all new security machines.

BHX is poised to bring in the two-litre liquid rule once regulatory approval is given, but with that date being unknown, holidaymakers need to stick to existing liquid rules. You can read a full run down of that in our BHX liquids guide, here.

What is the latest from passengers on BHX security?

Security queues have previously built up in the early hours of the morning and died down by mid-morning, but there has been some confusion over the reworked 100ml max rule on liquids, compounded by reduced queueing space as the airport pauses unveiling its "next generation" security hall.

BHX passengers have recently taken to social media to express relief at more orderly and quiet scenes in and around the airport, particularly in the approach through to security. Taking to X, formerly Twitter, on July 6 Adam Fairweather wrote: "Off to Greece I go! Flying from BHX and no issues with security! Straight through! Must just be hit or miss in different days or just queues early in the morning!"

Birmingham Airport pictured on June 11 as passengers queue near a screen reminding people of the 100ml limit still in force. While waiting for a software issue to be resolved with the new scanners (that can scan up to two litres of liquid), passengers arriving at the airport are being reminded to continue to limit liquids in their hand luggage to 100ml -Credit:Birmingham Live

@Hey_Its_Rissa added on July 5 that "cleared security in 5 minutes" when she went for her evening flight.

Although some passengers have reported that certain pinch points can see longer waits, like @Gav_Griffiths who wrote on July 5: "Hell is Birmingham Airport security queue on a Friday afternoon." However happy flyer @Trixje, wrote on July 4: "7:45am checked-in our luggage and we arrived in departure lounge 8:30 All very well organised. Friendly staff. Lifts working. Thank you BHX official."

A cheerful @jayneykath wrote on July 2 at 5am: "Birmingham Airport security line wasn't too bad at 3.30am today, through in 40 mins."

BHX spells out steps taken to reduce security wait times

When asked what steps they have taken to reduce waits faced by passengers, Birmingham Airport told us the following:

  • Temporary structure erected providing multiple ‘liquid check stations’ to ensure that customers’ cabin baggage complies with new Government regulations.

  • BHX has employed 100 temporary, 3rd party ‘liquid consultants’ who will check that customers comply with the temporary liquid rules on cabin baggage rules before they reach security. The more we can do together to reduce the number of bags that don’t comply with these rules, the more we can reduce queues at security screening

  • Nick has done many interviews across major news providers with customer advice for passengers travelling through BHX

  • Consistent and regular posting of key liquids and security messaging through all our social media channels and on digital and physical screens within the terminal.

  • We have created a number of videos on our social media channels to assist customers on 1) what liquids are compliant when packing 2) getting through security (these videos can be found on our Facebook/Instagram pages)

  • BHX has worked with various radio stations on campaigns targeted to customers with the latest liquid regulations advice.

  • Ongoing engagement with our travel trade partners including a live video interview with Travel Gossip

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