Birmingham Hodge Hill and Solihull north general election candidates 2024

Hodge Hill is one the country's most deprived constituencies.
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With the UK General Election only a few weeks away, voters are gearing up to vote for the next leader of the country. In Birmingham Hodge Hill, one of the nation's most deprived constituencies, voters will have a choice of six candidates to represent them in Parliament.

Parties from across the political spectrum are outlining their visions of the future to voters. Key issues such as the cost of living crisis, the state of the NHS, the environment and immigration are at the forefront of public debate this election.

In the newlook Birmingham Hodge Hill and Solihull North constituency, the areas now covers Shard End, Washwood Heath, Hodge Hill, Castle Bromwich and Smith's Wood.

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Who is the Labour candidate for Birmingham Hodge Hill?

The Labour candidate for Hodge Hill is Liam Byrne, who has represented the area since 2004. Byrne served in the Home Office under Prime Minister Tony Blair and was a part of Gordon Brown’s Cabinet from 2008 to 2010.

In recent weeks, he's had some tough words for party leader Keir Starmer on child poverty - calling on him to scrap the two child benefit cap. He said: "We (the Labour Party ) were invented to roll back poverty. I don’t think you can possibly have a Labour government that oversees an increase in the number of people using foodbanks. I don't believe Labour MPs or voters will stand for that...that's why we need to end the two child benefit cap."

Liam Byrne has been the MP for Hodge Hill since 2004.
Liam Byrne has been the MP for Hodge Hill since 2004. -Credit:PA

Who is the Conservative candidate for Birmingham Hodge Hill?

The Tory candidate for Birmingham Hodge Hill is Caroline Clapper who is hoping to win the seat for the party for the first time since it was created. Clapper is being parachuted in to contest the seat and currently serves as a county councillor for Hertfordshire County Council.

She was previously a councillor for the Totteridge ward in the London Borough of Barnet. The Tories have never won this seat since it was created in 1983.

Who else is standing in Birmingham Hodge Hill?

There are four candidates standing in Birmingham Hodge Hill. Hoping to take votes from Labour and the Tories are candidates from the Green Party and the Workers Party of GB.

Here is a full list of candidates standing in Birmingham Hodge Hill:

  • Liam Byrne - Labour

  • Caroline Clapper - Conservative

  • Qasim Esak - Liberal Democrats

  • James Giles - Workers Party of GB

  • Imran Ali Khan - Green Party

  • Jamie Pullin - Reform UK

Who won Birmingham Hodge Hill in 2019?

Labour's Liam Byrne won the seat in 2019 with 35,397 votes and a 28,000-strong majority. In second place were the Tories followed by the Brexit Party. Turnout for the vote was 57%.