Birmingham Ladywood general election candidates 2024

Ladywood is one of the most deprived areas of the city.
-Credit: (Image: Darren Quinton/Birmingham Live)

The UK General Election is only a few weeks away as voters prepare to choose who will lead the country. In Birmingham Ladywood, one of the nation's most deprived constituencies, voters will have a choice of six candidates to represent them in Parliament.

As one of the poorest constituencies in the UK, the cost of living is likely to be a key issue for voters on July 4. The seat is currently held by Labour - and has been since the 1970s - but the party may face a considerable challenge from independent pro-Gaza candidate Akhmed Yakoob.

Some expect Labour to 'struggle' in areas with high Muslim populations, like Birmingham Ladywood, over the party's stance on Gaza. There are six candidates vying to be MP in Birmingham Ladywood.

This constituency has had a few boundary changes this time round. It covers the areas of Birmingham city centre, Ladywood, Nechells, Soho, Alum Rock, Balsall Heath West, Bordesley & Highgate and the Jewellery Quarter. Aston is now in the Perry Barr constituency and north Edgbaston to the Edgbaston constituency.

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Who is the Labour candidate for Birmingham Ladywood?

The Labour candidate for Birmingham Ladywood is Shabana Mahmood who has held the seat since 2010. She currently serves in Keir Starmer's Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Secretary of State for Justice.

When she was first elected in 2010, Mahmood became one of the first female Muslim MPs in Parliament. She previously said: "My faith is the centrepoint of my life and it drives me to public service, it drives me in the way that I live my life and I see my life."

However, the MP has come under fire in recent months after she abstained on a Gaza ceasefire vote in November 2023. In a post on X, formerly Twitter, Shabana Mahmood said she would be 'Birmingham’s voice at the heart of the next government' if elected.

Shabana Mahmood is hoping to win her fifth election in Ladywood on July 4.
Shabana Mahmood is hoping to win her fifth election in Ladywood on July 4. -Credit:Philip Coburn /Daily Mirror

Who is the Conservative candidate for Birmingham Ladywood?

The Conservative candidate for Birmingham Ladywood is Shazna Muzammil. She is the current Leader of the Conservative Group on Milton Keynes City Council and has been parachuted in to try and win the seat for the Tories.

She'll face an uphill battle in overturning a large Labour majority in 2019, but she's got the backing of former West Midlands Mayor Andy Street. Announcing her intention to run for Birmingham Ladywood, Shazna said: "The current Labour leadership has failed the people of Birmingham Ladywood.

"The Labour MP has neglected her constituents, and the Labour Council's mishandling of funds has led to the closure of libraries and reduction of services, placing more burden on the residents.... This situation is completely unacceptable."

Who else is standing in Birmingham Ladywood?

Shabana's biggest threat this election may not come from the Tories but instead independent candidate Akhmed Yakoob. Dubbed the "TikTok lawyer", Yakoob won almost 70,000 votes in the West Midlands Mayoral election - the third highest total.

Yakoob is running on a pro-Palestine ticket and has been backed by George Galloway, of the Workers Party of Britain. Yakoob faced sharp criticism last month after naming and shaming a teacher in a 'false' racist video.

Here is a full list of candidates standing in Birmingham Ladywood:

  • Shabana Mahmood - Labour

  • Shazna Muzammil - Conservative

  • Akhmed Yakoob - Independent

  • Irene Yoong-Henery - Reform UK

  • Lee Dargue - Liberal Democrats

  • Zoe Challenor - Green Party

Who won Birmingham Ladywood 2019?

Labour won Birmingham Ladywood convincingly in 2019, despite a poor showing nationally. Shabaana Mahmood was elected with 33,355 - a 68% majority over the second place Tories. Birmingham Ladywood has been held by Labour since the 1960s.