Birmingham Northfield general election candidates 2024

Northfield town centre from above
-Credit: (Image: Birmingham Post)

On July 4, voters will head to the polls to decide who will become the next Prime Minister. Both Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer will spend the next few weeks outlining why they're the right person for the job with immigration, the cost of living crisis, the NHS and the environment key issues to persuade voters on.

Birmingham Northfield is one seat to keep an eye on July 4, with recent polling suggesting a swing from Tories to Labour. Back in 2019, the Conservatives managed to win the seat and turn Northfield blue for the first time in 27 years - but Tory candidate Gary Sambrook will face an uphill battle to retain his seat.

There are eight candidates seeking election in Birmingham Northfield. Local MPs represent their constituents in Parliament and vote on laws which affect us all.

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Who is the Conservative candidate for Birmingham Northfield?

The Conservative candidate is Gary Sambrook who is hoping to win a second election this year after tackling 'decades of neglect' in Northfield. Sambrook has previously worked on school rebuilding projects but was criticised in 2020 after he voted against extending free school meals to children in 2020.

In the run up to the election, Sambrook has also slammed Labour-run Birmingham City Council’s budget cuts and campaigned to 'save' weekly bin collections as well as libraries in the area. With the Tories languishing in the polls, Sambrook is one candidate pollsters believe could be 'wiped out' in a Labour landslide.

Gary Sambrook won the seat in 2019.
Gary Sambrook won the seat in 2019. -Credit:Darren Quinton/Birmingham Live

Who is the Labour candidate for Birmingham Northfield?

The Labour Party candidate for Northfield is Laurence Turner. Mr Turner has worked for the GMB trade union and also worked closely with former Labour MP for the area, Richard Burden, when Burden was a Shadow Minister.

Who is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Northfield?

Dr Jerry Evans is the candidate here and was a councillor for Springfield ward - now Sparkhill -from 2003 – 2016. He was an archaeologist.

Who is the Green Party candidate for Northfield?

Rob Grant is currently a Birmingham City councillor representing Kings Norton South and has been since 2022.

Who else is standing in Birmingham Northfield?

There are eight candidates hoping to be the next MP for Northfield. These include from the two main parties as well as the Green Party, Reform UK, Liberal Democrats and independents.

Here is a full list of candidates standing in Birmingham Northfield:

  • Gary Sambrook - Conservative

  • Laurence Turner - Labour

  • Jerry Evans - Liberal Democrat

  • Rob Grant - Green Party

  • Stephen Peters - Reform UK

  • Dean Gwilliam - Independent

  • Atlaf Hussain - Independent

  • Dick Rodgers - Common Good

Who won Birmingham Northfield in 2019?

In 2019, Birmingham Northfield was won by the Conservative candidate Gary Sambrook with a majority of 1,640 votes - the first time the party had held the seat in 27 years. Sambrook, who got 19,957 votes, beat Labour candidate Richard Burden in 2019 (18,317 votes). Turnout for the 2019 election in Northfield was 59%.