Birmingham Pensioner Targeted by Gang of Youths

A pensioner from Great Barr, Birmingham, who says he has been targeted by gangs of youths since October 2021, has shared video of two instances of harassment in August.

Footage timestamped just before 10:30 am on August 11 shows a masked figure running up to Roy Muller’s front door. Muller can be seen emerging and knocking the masked figure to the ground, who swings an item at Muller. Another shirtless and masked person also participates in the scuffle. Muller can be seen picking up his glasses after the youths run off.

A separate clip, timestamped around 5:40 pm on August 15, shows two masked figures swearing at Muller. Muller can be seen emerging, warning the youths that “You’d better clear off”. More masked youths appear before the footage ends.

The 76-year-old pensioner told local media that he did not know why he was being targeted, but that the incidents started in October 2021.

Muller’s daughter, Natalie Cox, posted the clips of the two August incidents to her Twitter account.

The local police force, West Midlands Police, said in a statement cited by local news: “We’re investigating after receiving reports of a man in his 70s being the victim of assault and harassment in Great Barr. We fully understand how distressing this is and are looking to safeguard the man while progressing enquiries to establish those responsible.” Credit: Roy Muller via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh, no.

ROY MULLER: Get out. Get out, OK?


Get off.

- Rodney! Rodney!

- Come on, pussy.

- These kids.

- Hey, pussy.


Yeah, what up, pussy?


ROY MULLER: You better clear off.

- Or what?

- What?

- What you gonna do?

- Pussy.


- Or what?


- Remember me from last time, yeah?

ROY MULLER: Oh, yeah?

- Remember me?