Birmingham Yardley general election candidates 2024

Birmingham Yardley main road
-Credit: (Image: Darren Quinton)

The UK General Election is now just a few weeks away as voters across the nation prepare to head to the polls on July 4. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is hoping to convince voters to stick with his party - while Labour leader Keir Starmer says now is the time for 'change' after 14 years of Tory 'chaos.'

Parties from across the political spectrum are ramping up their campaigns and outlining their visions of the future to voters. Key issues such as the cost of living crisis, the state of the NHS, the environment and immigration are at the forefront of public debate this election.

In Birmingham Yardley, voters will have a choice of six candidates to represent them in Parliament as their local MP. MPs play a crucial role in making decisions that impact the entire country - they're your voice in Westminster. Birmingham Yardley has been held by The Labour Party since 2015 - having previously been a Liberal Democrat seat.

The constituency covers Acocks Green, Sheldon, Small Heath, South Yardley, Tyseley and Hay Mills, Yardley and Stechford. The Garretts Green ward is now in the Hodge Hill and Solihull North constituency in exchange for the Small Heath ward.

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Who is the Labour candidate for Birmingham Yardley?

The Labour candidate for Birmingham Yardley is Jess Phillips. This will be the fourth general election Jess Phillips has stood in, having first been elected to represent the seat in 2015.

From 2020-2023, Jess Phillips served as Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding in Keir Starmer's Opposition frontbench. In November 2023, Phillips quit the role to call for a ceasefire in Gaza saying the party had some "searching" to do following its underperformance in areas with a high Muslim population during local elections.

Speaking to BirminghamLive, Phillips said residents in her constituency were concerned about homelessness in the run up to this election. "Housing is the biggest issue bar none," she said. "Crime comes up and drug dealing on the streets comes up a lot and just the state of the street and tidiness, then Gaza."

Jess Phillips has held the seat of Birmingham Yardley since 2015.
Jess Phillips has held the seat of Birmingham Yardley since 2015. -Credit:Pete Stonier

Who is the Conservative candidate for Birmingham Yardley?

The Conservative candidate in Birmingham Yardley is Yvonne Beverley Clements. The Tories have not won in this seat since the 1980s, so winning the seat would be a major scalp.

Ms Clements was recently a candidate in local elections for Solihull Council where she stood in the Elmdon ward. She narrowly lost the vote to the Liberal Democrats.

Who is the Liberal Democrat standing in Yardley?

Roger Harmer is currently the leader of the Lib Dems on Birmingham City Council. He is the local councillor for Acocks Green where he lives.

Who else is standing in Birmingham Yardley?

Six parties have put forward candidates in Birmingham Yardley. The Green Party, Reform UK and the Workers Party of Britain will all be hoping to persuade voters to ditch the two biggest political parties.

Here's a full list of all the candidates standing in Birmingham Yardley:

  • Jess Phillips - Labour

  • Yvonne Beverley Clements - Conservative

  • Roxanne Green - Green Party

  • Roger Harmer - Liberal Democrats

  • Nora Kamberi - Reform UK

  • Jody McIntyre - Workers Party of Britain

Who won Birmingham Yardley in 2019?

Labour won the seat in 2019 with Jess Phillips returned with 23,379 votes. The Conservatives' Vincent Garrington came second with 12,720 votes - while the Liberal Democrats came third 3,754. Turnout for the election was 57.13 per cent.

Jess Phillip's 10,659-strong majority in 2019 was less than in 2017 where she won with a majority of 16,574 votes.