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Leo walking across the stage at the 2017 Oscars

Look at that smirk. That’s the smirk of a man who’s saying to himself, “I’ve got one of my own.” That’s the smirk of a man who has ascended to manifesting his dreams of Oscar gold into reality, and now gets to stride across the stage a year after his win and gift an actress a statue of her own. That’s the smirk of a man who is loving it — all of it. The show, the awards, but most of all, the walk. (Photo: Eddy Chen/ABC via Getty Images)

Birthday boy Leonardo DiCaprio struts his way into 43

Carly Milne
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment & Lifestyle

Actor, philanthropist, and former Bop magazine pinup dreamboat Leonardo DiCaprio is celebrating his 43rd birthday on Saturday, Nov. 11. Undoubtedly, he will be doing so surrounded by models and his bro posse, possibly on a yacht‚ but we want to celebrate him for doing one of the things he loves most: happy walking.

Happy walking? you might ask. Well, it’s hard to find a photo of him without some manner of smirk on his face as he traipses the New York landscape, traverses the streets of Paris, and even tromps his way through Toronto. Leo loves walking so much that he famously became a meme, called “Strutting Leo,” thanks to a photo taken of him on the set of Inception.

We don’t think he struts so much as saunters, or jovially jaunts. Join us as we highlight the best examples of Leo’s love for a good stroll.

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