Births: March 23


A boy to Kaila Fuller Carter and Isreal Haley, Anderson, March 4.

A boy to Alexis Warren and Jake Davidson, Elwood, March 5.

A boy to Shaley Hutchins, Anderson, March 5.

A boy to Allison Perry, Anderson, March 6.

A boy to Brian and Kaitlyn Nelson, Muncie, March 11.

A boy to Heather Holeman and Johnathon Junco, Muncie, March 12.

A boy to Jacinda Anderson and Daireus Hayes, Anderson, March 12.

A girl to Kelsey Looper and Spencer Peyton, Anderson, March 12.

A girl to Sierra Stevenson and Christopher Smith, Muncie, March 12.

A girl to Aloma Santiago and Trayon Coles, Anderson, March 13.

A girl to Aline Gonzalez and Sean Boyce, Anderson, March 14.

A boy to Cody and Jordan Riley, Markleville, March 15.

A girl to Jordin Burns and Jamal Armstrong, Anderson, March 15.

A boy to Brianne Beadle and Jack Cluff, Chesterfield, March 15.

A boy to Brittney Scott, Anderson, March 16.

A girl to Stephen and Heather Lingle, Anderson, March 17.

A girl to Darnasia Taylor and Roddrick Nunn, Anderson, March 18.

A boy to Kane and Brittany Bray, Eaton, March 20.

A boy to Devan Kemmerer and Jacob Simpson, Muncie, March 20.