Bisexual Grinch’s heart ‘wasn’t the only thing that grew three sizes’ in hilariously lewd SNL skit

Emma Powys Maurice
·2-min read

We’ll never look at the Grinch the same way again thanks to a sinful sequel no one asked for on Saturday Night Live.

The final SNL skit of 2020 saw Pete Davidson don the hairy green get-up to play the iconic Christmas villain in a way that Dr Seuss never, ever imagined.

The scene opens on a very satisfied Whoville couple coming downstairs on Christmas morning, having drunk a little too much Who punch the night before.

“Haven’t partied like that in a while,” says the horny Who mum played by Kristen Wiig, with her equally horny Who husband played by Mikey Day.

It becomes clear that the Grinch joined them for an extended celebration after the innocent Who children went to bed, and before long the sleazy green guy himself descends the stairs wearing only a pair of tightie-whities and dad’s robe.

“It was so late and Mr Grinch lives way up on that curly mountain so we just thought why not invite him to spend the night here… with us,” mum says dreamily.

But whose bed did the Grinch sleep in, the children ask? “It doesn’t matter where Mr Grinch slept,” replies the dad quickly. “What matters is that yesterday his heart grew threw sizes.”

“Not the only thing that grew three sizes,” adds mum.

SNL’s dirty bisexual parody continues with more innuendos than you can shake a candy cane at as details of the Grinch’s Yuletide romp are forever burned into our minds.

“Daddy,” one child asks, “were you having a nightmare when you were yelling, ‘Punish me, my green king’?”

“The Who-children puzzled over what had occurred, unaware that their parents had brought in a third,” explains the narrator.

“To spice up their marriage, why, it’s a cinch! All you need is some Who punch and a night with the Grinch.”