Bison Jam Halts Traffic in Yellowstone

A woman was stopped in her tracks on the northern edge of Yellow Stone National Park when some rowdy bison blocked the way.

This footage was shot by Cindy Shaffer, a Montana native who regularly posts footage from the park and the nearby Grand Tetons National Park.

“We got a nice little bison jam going on here,” Shaffer says. She later advises that “you don’t want to get too close to the bison and make them mad” before adding “they know what to do” once you drive slowly behind them. Credit: Cindy Shaffer via Storyful

Video transcript

CINDY SHAFFER: Well, I got some bison right here next to my car. This is the bridge on the Yellowstone River right near the picnic area-- pretty popular spot.

Oh, look. Here comes some more. Hello, guys. I got a nice little bison time going on here. Oh, here comes some more heading down the side of the mountain here. Look at them. They're fighting.

Whoa. Here they come. Woo-hoo. Look at these guys. Whoo. Getting a little crazy.

Anyway, so I'm stuck in a bison jam here. I'm trying to get out of here so I can get home, but this is what happens. Sometimes you get stuck.

So I've got the bison jam right in front of me here and there's a guy at the other end of the bridge that's got a bunch down on his side, too. See that way down there? More bison.

They're on the move to get where they're going for the evening. I'm hoping they get across this bridge soon because I want to get home. It's going to start getting dark and it's starting to snow. So yeah, this is not the place I want to be stuck. And we got a feisty bison up there thinking it's mating season-- it is not.

Come on, guys. Let's go. Move along, move along. So you don't want to get too close to the bison that you make them mad, but sometimes if you just roll on a bit, they'll start move on a bit-- see. They know what to do. They know what to do.

Come on, little guys. Let's go. There's a lot of bison up ahead of me trekking across the bridge.

I love it when they're in a line like that-- it's pretty cool-- but they to walk right down the middle of the bloody road. Come on, guys. Pick a lane. If they would pick a lane, I could get out of here. Too funny.

Oh. We got that feisty one up there again thinking it's mating season.

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