Bison Take Over Road Near Yellowstone National Park

A beautiful winter scene featuring a herd of bison marching in the snow was captured by a local photographer in Lamar Valley, Wyoming, near an entrance to Yellowstone National Park on Thursday, January 14.

Photographer Cindy Jones captured picturesque footage showing the bison taking over the icy road, then passing her vehicle.

Speaking to Storyful, Jones said, “I have seen a small group of bison walking down the roads in Yellowstone, but never a large herd like this one. The bison try to conserve their energy in the winter and often will use the roads to travel instead of the deep snow.”

“I was in the park to photograph wildlife and was thrilled and excited when I saw this herd walking directly toward our truck with no other cars in the way,” Jones said.

She added, “I usually take still photos with my Nikon D850 but made a very quick decision to shoot this on video out of the truck window because I thought it would do a better job capturing the large number in the herd and their behavior walking together.” Credit: Cindy Jones via Storyful