This bizarre cat will stop at nothing to get his claws on blueberry muffins!

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Watch as this bizarre cat climbs all over an unsuspecting cafe patron, in relentless pursuit of a blueberry muffin. 

At the Catnap Cafe in Christchurch, New Zealand, customers can purchase a cup of coffee or a delicious pastry and then go cozy up with a feline friend.

But baristas at the cafe warn patrons to be careful if they order a blueberry muffin because one of their cats, named Yuzu, will do anything to get his paws on the delicious baked item. 

"When we arrived I was told that if I was having a blueberry muffin I needed to be careful," said cafe customer Richard Parkin, 47. 

"I was told that this cat really loves blueberry muffins."

Despite the warning Parkin was surprised by Yuzu's tenacity. 

"We weren't quite expecting him to be so focused," the financial advisor continued. 

"He was laser focused on getting that muffin. 

"It was like it was cat heroin."

In the video, Yuzu can be seen climbing all over Parkin, stabbing him with his claws, and trying desperately to get a bite of his favorite treat. 

"He had claws like needles," Parkin laughed.

"We've had cats our whole lives, but we've never seen a cat be so aggressive.

"He was such a naughty cat, I thought he was just terrific. 

"If I could have, I would have taken him home with me. 

"He was great."