Bizarre moment motorist spots an ALPACA along a dual-carriageway

Motorists were left baffled when they spotted an alpaca galloping towards them on a busy dual carriageway.

Footage shows the furry creature sprinting down the A66 near Darlington, County Durham, at 11am on Sunday (18/9).

Cars had been slowing down and drivers assumed it was for emergency services but were left shocked when the animal sprinted past their cars.

James Tadman posted the video on Twitter with the caption: "Not every day you see an alpaca galloping down the A66 near Darlington."

James, who posted the video which has since had 300,000 views on Twitter, said: "We were driving and the car in front slowed down, so we pulled over thinking police car, ambulance, or fire engine was coming past, and then saw thing white, horse-like animal running past.

"As it was in such close proximity, we worked out it wasn't a horse, it was a llama. It was running down the road with cars slowly following it."

Social media users saw the funny side, and observed the animal was following the Highway Code.

One person tweeted: "Well considering there's alpacas and camels at a farm nearby it's probably more common than you think."

Another said: "Good to see it obeying the Highway Code by staying on the inside of the left-hand lane. It’s the first sign of the alpacalypse."