Bizarre ritual sees supporters bath Indian politician in 101 litres of milk

Supporters of an Indian politician kicked off his election campaign in a bizarre fashion by giving him a bath in milk. A heavily garlanded Kaviraj Urs, who is contesting for state assembly seat from Hospet in Karnataka, stood with his hands folded, just after filing his nomination papers on November 17. His supporters assembled around him and poured 101 litres of milk over his head. The antic drew attention but not everyone was impressed. Vadiraj, 32, a local resident said: “It was bizarre and a stupid waste of money. They could have given the milk to poor families instead.” In India, milk is usually poured over idols of deities as a prayer ritual. Sometimes it is also poured over statues of heroes or even film stars as a celebratory gesture. “I had never seen a living person getting a milk bath before,” added Vadiraj.