Bjork features message from Greta Thunberg in London show

Bjork returned to her “second home” of London with a triumphant and visually stunning show at the O2 Arena which invoked a stark message about climate change.

‪The Cornucopia Tour may be light on hits, but it is heavy on imagery – with astounding CGI, costumes and choreography all underscored by what remains one of the most uniquely powerful voices in pop.

‪As with her most recent album, 2017’s Utopia – from which the majority of the setlist is made up – aural and visual metaphors for the natural environment abound.

Along with a video message from teenage climate campaigner Greta Thunberg, at one point the words “Imagine a future. Be in it” were projected on the stage.

‪And so she was – the singer herself often seeming to be enveloped by the stunningly choreographed drama around her, evoking a fantastical world of lush environmental plenty.

‪Musically, too, Bjork’s lavish and involved arrangements were supported by a diverse range of accompaniments – Icelandic choir, flute ensemble, Punjabi Dhol, and at one point even pouring water as percussion.

‪Almost uniquely for an arena show of this size, the audience of thousands did not seem one bit short-changed by a set which featured precisely none of the songs that made her famous.

‪Venus As A Boy, now re-rendered as an ethereal flute ballad, and a stirring Isobel were the only appearances from the Scandinavian star’s much-loved 1990s output.

‪In the end, it was difficult to be anything other than agog at the the sheer scale and emotional pull of the most ambitious tour in Bjork’s 40 years in music.