Black Adam trailer for Dwayne Johnson’s superhero film divides fans: ‘My day is ruined’

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The first trailer for Dwayne Johnson’s superhero film Black Adam has arrived – and fans appear to be mostly disappointed.

The actor plays the titular character in the DC Comics movie, starring opposite Pierce Brosnan, Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge, and Quintessa Swindell.

Black Adam follows the story of Johnson’s character after he is freed from his earthly tomb nearly 5,000 years after he was bestowed with the powers of Egyptian gods.

He is then ready to “unleash his unique form of justice” on the modern world.

Johnson unveiled the trailer in a Twitter post shared on Wednesday (8 June), but fans have expressed their dismay over the clip.

“Today, Black Adam trailer was released and now my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined,” one person wrote.

Another said: “The Black Adam colour palette is so 2010s I want it to be good so bad but seeing that film style is telling me it’s not.”

Someone else agreed about the trailer’s colour palette, writing: “Everything looks so good except the colour of the movie. Why so yellow??”

Black Adam about to be the next Morbius,” commented a fourth person in reference to the universally panned Jared Leto superhero film that was released earlier this year.


Someone else said: “After watching the Black Adam trailer I can safely say I’m over comic book movies 110 per cent.”

Others have been less critical of the trailer, with one person writing: “I’m not sure how I feel about this. A little disappointed maybe? Black Adam is best when he’s sinister and a bit terrifying.

“I’ll give it a chance and I’m easy to please, but… there is just something about it that doesn’t feel right.”


During a CinemaCon appearance in April, Johnson told the crowd that he had been working on the film for more than a decade.

“The whole idea was, if we were going to do it, we were going to take our time and do it right,” he said. “It really served us well to wait and hold and watch these other stories and superheroes unfold. Black Adam is one of the things in my life that gets me out of bed.”

Black Adam arrives in theatres on 21 October.

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