Black bear climbs tree to grab baby EAGLE in this shocking footage captured in Canada

Adam J Hudec went on a fishing trip in northern Saskatchewan, Canada, trying to catch a few fish when he spotted two eagles in their nest. Suddenly, a bear creeps under the tree, looking up to plot its way up for its meal. For 15 minutes, the bear finds its way up, climbs the tree, and fends off the mom and dad eagle to grab the eaglet. In the video, you can see the bear grabbing the eaglet as it climbs down. This shocking moment was captured on July 7, 2022. Adam told Newsflare: "Was a simple Thursday night after work up at a mine in northern Saskatchewan. We were trolling in a bay trying to catch a few fish when we spotted 2 eagles and their nest. Shortly after spotting the nest, we saw a bear creep up. He posted up under the tree for about 15 minutes, until he figured it was time to climb the tree and fend off the mom and dad, to get a meal."