Blackpool fan slams attack on tram after derby match in Fleetwood

Aaron Johnson was relieved that daughter Thea was not on the tram. (Photo: Tird party)
Aaron Johnson was relieved that daughter Thea was not on the tram. (Photo: Tird party)

Aaron Johnson, 42, was on the tram with members of his family when it came under attack following the dramatic derby match at Fleetwood's Highbury stadium on Wednesday night (November 1), which ended in a 3-3 draw.

He said children were crying and passengers were forced to crouch down when stones were hurled through the windows as the tram travelled along Radcliffe road and reached the junction with Wingrove Road, Fleetwood, at around 10pm.

One man received a minor head injury.

Tram came under attack on Radcliffe Road (Photo: BE)
Tram came under attack on Radcliffe Road (Photo: BE)

Children crying

Aaron, from North Shore, said: “These yobs could easily have blinded or even killed someone, they smashed six windows

"It's a big shame because there has never been much trouble in the derby matches, its always been pretty friendly, and it was a really interesting game.

"Now this mindless act of violence has scared quite a few youngsters traveling home with there families after a football match.

"Some of the young ones were crying, it was really wasn't good.

"My year old daughter Thea comes to a lot of matches – I'm just glad she wasn't at this one.”

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The perpetrators have yet to be identified and there is no confirmation that they had anything to do with the match.

But Aaron said it would have been clear that the tram was carrying a large number of Seasiders fans.

He added: “There were Fleetwood fans on the tram too – the camaraderie on the tram was really good.”

Emergency cord

He said someone pulled an emergency cord and the tram came to a halt between stops, with the passengers having to get off and walk along the tram tracks to the next stop, trying not to slip on the wooden slats and small ballast stones.

Aaron said police were soon at the scene and tended to the injured man, and surrounded the tram in case it came under attack again.

He added: “I'm surprised that extra staff weren't laid on by Blackpool Transport for a derby match.

"There could have been better supervision and marshalling as people tried to make their way to the next tram stop while another tram came,”

During an unrelated incident near to the Fleetwood Town ground a firework was let off, which spooked a police horse and caused it to bolt.

The rider suffered a sprained ankle but the horse was not injured.

Police inquiries continue

Police say enquiries are ongoing and CCTV from both areas is being examined, and they are now asking for information about either of the incidents.

PC Stacy Hardy, Dedicated Football Officer for Blackpool FC and Fleetwood Town, said: “These incidents marred what should have been a good-natured, family-friendly fixture and we are taking them seriously.

“We are investigating and are determined to find out who was involved. If you have any information or mobile phone footage or images showing those involved we would urge you to get in touch.”

Anybody with information should contact PC Hardy on email at, quoting log number 1129 of November 1st.