Blake Shelton’s Toilet Prank on Gwen Stefani Has 'The Voice' Fans Laughing Out Loud

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Blake Shelton sure knows how to make Gwen Stefani laugh.

While behind the scenes of The Voice, Shelton pulled a harmless prank on his girlfriend of five years just for fun. Knowing that Stefani was backstage filming a special Voice promo for season 19 of the show, Shelton decided to mess with her before she came into his dressing room. His elaborate scheme involved cutting a hole in his water bottle, standing over the toilet, and pretending to use the restroom — and hilariously, it worked. When Stefani barged into Shelton's room, she was stunned to find her "Happy Anywhere" duet partner straddling the toilet.

"Oh my god, you freak!" Stefani exclaimed. "So bad."

Shelton, of course, made things even more hilarious when he pretended not to know that Stefani was filming him. Moments later though, he fessed up to his plan, proudly showing Stefani the special "pee hole" he made on the water bottle.

"Ew, you're so creative!" Stefani shot back. "Gosh you're good."

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Voice fans watching the hilarity unfold couldn't stop laughing. "That was so funny when @blakeshelton pretended he was using the restroom!! His humor is something to look forward to on the show!!" one fan tweeted. "Lmaooo he’s so weird I love him so much," another commented. A different fan said, "Wouldn’t want Blake Shelton to change, he is fun to watch."

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Of course, Shelton only got funnier as The Voice's season premiere went on. Perhaps his best moment from Monday night came when he was trying to convince contestant Joseph Soul to be on his team. Walking away from his red chair, Shelton started to recall all seven of his wins on the show while pointing to virtual championship banners hung up in his honor. Unfortunately for Shelton, his pandering didn't work — Joseph ended up choosing to be on Kelly Clarkson's team instead.

Looks like the joke was on Shelton after all.

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