Blind Indonesian man makes incredible repairs just using touch

A blind man, 43-year-old Juhendri, living in Kota Bukittinggi, Indonesia, has learned how to make electrical and mechanical repairs using his touch. Juhendri has been blind since 1999 at the age of 21. He woke up with a blurry vision. Local doctors said there was damage to the retina, cornea, and eye nerves. Both his eyes had glaucoma. He became completely blind at 22. He taught himself workshop with his vehicle before he was blind. He also has the ability to fix electronics, such as televisions, fans, and radios. He was then inspired to repair motorbike engines which later brought business opportunities in his place. After 10 years, he picked up the ability to repair various types of motor engine damage. In addition to repairing motorbikes, he is currently learning how to repair cars but has more to learn with the inspiration of owning his own shop someday. So far as a mechanic, he usually earns 300,000 Rupiah per day. Production has decreased by 60 to 75 percent because of the pandemic. Besides motor and electrical repairs, Juhendri has the ability to message the sick, assisted by his wife and three children. Customers were usually up to five or eight but are now one to two. Juhendri has expressed that the government in Indonesia has not provided aid for his business. He only relies on loans from the bank in his village. He still has the burden of paying off his debts and school fees for his children. Until now, he has not received a certificate of expertise from the government.