Blizzard Conditions Cover North Dakota in Early Season Snow, Forecasters Warn More Coming

Blustery winter conditions covered parts of North Dakota in snow on October 10 as a storm moved over the area, according to the National Weather Service.

Blizzard conditions can be observed in a video uploaded to Instagram by Prairieguy2016 as strong winds swept up snow in Woodworth, a town about 90 miles from Bismark, the capital of North Dakota.

Local media reported that the winter storm was expected to deliver a “one-two punch” with up to 12 inches of snow expected in a second wave on October 12. A weather warning went into effect from October 9 until October 11. The city of Bismarck issued a statement urging residents to prepare for the storm and potential power outages. Credit: PrairieGuy2016 via Storyful