Help Your Teen Book a Limo for Prom

At this stage of prom season, teens are planning their ride to prom - what type of vehicle they'll rent and, more importantly, which couples will ride with them. Is your teen asking you for help? Well, if the last limo you booked was for your wedding and you have no idea what to tell him or her, start here. We interviewed Alex Darbahani, the president & CEO ofKLS - one of the leading limo services - to find out exactly what your son or daughter needs to know.

Q: Before a girl calls you to book her prom limo, what should she have already thought about or decided?

She needs to know the exact date, how many hours she will need the limo, the exact number of people that are going to ride with her. A big group is always better because you pay less [per person] for the limo rental.

Q: What's the most requested limo for prom, from your company? And how much it cost to rent it per hour? How many passengers can fit inside?

The most requested limos are the H2 Hummer and the Escalade Stretch, and both of them can have 16 to 20 passengers. If you want to rent one of them, it can cost you up to $1,350 for six hours. The party bus has a great request too.

Q: How many months before prom should you book the limo? Can you book it if you're under 18?

You should book your limo 50 or 30 days before your prom so you can negotiate the price to rent it and have a bigger chance to get the limo you wish. And yes, you can book it yourself if you are under 18! But, one of your parents has to be present at the moment the limo picks you up to sign a contract.

Q: How are you paid? Is there a down-payment? Do you have any tips for how to collect money from friends - so the one booking the limo doesn't get stuck footing the whole bill?

The company requires a down payment of 20% of the total cost. A really good tip is to collect the money by couple, not per person, because sometimes a guy will pay for him and his date.

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