How accurate is Shaheen, the World Cup predicting camel? We take a look

The 971 Report

In just under a week, football fans the world over will find out who will take home the 2014 World Cup.

And with only three major games to go, we thought it was time to check in with our very own resident animal soothsayer: Shaheen, the camel.

Discovered by local newspaper Gulf News, the Dubai-based beast has been predicting the winners of the key matches right from the start of the tournament.

Despite rumours he was slaughtered (the internet is a cruel place), Shaheen is alive and well and still predicting matches.


But is the furry beast any good? He started off with a bang, but then had a string of misses. Of the 27 matches he has predicted so far, Shaheen has been right 17 times. That's a success rate of 63%. He was in top form during the round of 16, where he predicted seven of the eight winners correctly.

To compare, the legend of World Cup 2010, Paul the Octopus, had an 80% success rate in the final stages.

Hosts Brazil face Germany in the first semi-final on Tuesday, and according to Shaheen, they should progress.

However, in two of Germany's previous clashes, Shaheen picked the opponents (France and Portugal) to win, so  perhaps Brazil has something other than losing star player Neymar to worry about.

What do you think, should Shaheen stick to being a camel?



Brazil v Croatia June 12th RIGHT
Spain v Netherlands June 13th RIGHT
England v Italy June 14th RIGHT
Argentina v Bosnia June 15th RIGHT
Germany v Portugal June 16th WRONG
Brazil v Mexico June 17th WRONG
Spain v Chile June 18th WRONG
Uruguay v England June 19th WRONG
Switzerland v France June 20th RIGHT
Argentina v Iran June 21st RIGHT
Belgium v Russia June 22nd RIGHT
Croatia v Mexico June 23th WRONG
Italy v Uruguay June 24th RIGHT
Ecuador v France June 25th WRONG
Algeria v Russia June 26th WRONG
ROUND OF 16    
Brazil v Chile June 28th WRONG
Colombia v Uruguay June 28th RIGHT
Netherlands v Mexico June 29th RIGHT
Costa Rica v Greece June 29th RIGHT
France v Nigeria June 30th RIGHT
Germany v Algeria June 30th RIGHT
Argentina v Switzerland July 1st RIGHT
Belgium v USA July 1st RIGHT
Brazil v Colombia July 4th RIGHT
France v Germany July 4th WRONG
Argentina v Belgium July 5th WRONG
Netherlands v Costa Rica July 5th RIGHT