Meet Shaheen, the World Cup predicting camel

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The star of World Cup 2010 might have been Paul the Octopus, but this time around a certain 'ship of the desert' is making waves online.

As the 2014 World Cup continues in Brazil, many animal soothsayers have emerged, from chickens to turtles and more. But our favourite has to be UAE-based camel Shaheen.

Discovered by a videographer working for local newspaper Gulf News, Shaheen has been predicting the winners of key matches daily.

"From the depths of the Dubai desert comes the four-hooved World Cup prediction machine that is Shaheen the Camel," Gulf News said.


Meet Shaheen, the World Cup predicting camel.

"Discovered by a Gulf News videographer with a penchant for dune-based fun, Shaheen declared himself ready at the flutter of an oversized eyelash for the challenge of guessing the outcome of Brazil 2014 matches."

The formula is simple: Shaheen lounges in his domain (the desert) with two signboards representing the playing teams. The board he knocks off is the winner - or so he says.

But is Shaheen any good? Well, he's been right four out of six times, so we're going to have to say yes. The humped beast had his first wrong pick on Monday, predicting Portugal over Germany (the Germans destroyed Ronaldo's boys) and also chose Brazil over Mexico for yesterday's match (it ended in a draw).  But never fear, we still have a long way to go.



This is what Shaheen has picked so far. Head over to Gulf News to follow his predictions. 

BRZ vs CRO            June 12 Brazil  Correct
ESP vs NTH   June 13 Netherlands Correct
ENG vs ITL    June 14 Italy Correct
ARG vs BOS   June 15 Argentina Correct
GER vs POR  June 16 Portugal Wrong
MEX vs BRA June 17 Brazil  Wrong



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