Hyper Monkey Fitness: Fitness just got a whole lot more fun

Anisha Rachel Oommen
Who Knew?

Exhausted by the thought of heading to the gym? Bored with your routine workout? Turns out you’re not the only one.

Siddarth Abraham who has been teaching kickboxing in Bangalore for the last 6 years finds that most people quit the gym because its bores them. As a musician and fitness enthusiast, he decided to bring the two loves of his life together and create a remedy unlike any other  – Hyper Monkey Fitness.

Built firmly on the philosophy of fun, HMF looks nothing like a gym. Instead, it’s been designed to recreate a playground. An obstacle course combines a jungle-gym and monkey bars, designed to work your entire body as you squat, jump, crawl, and soar through it.  “It’s a great way to work your core and build your inner balance, and you’ll find yourself having so much fun, you won’t realize you’re pushing your limits,” says Abraham.

Yoga, kickboxing and zumba classes are conducted in brightly coloured rooms intended to generate an ambience of happy, vibrant energy.  HMF’s most unique class, Death by Monkey, is a high-cardio, high-endurance exercise regime that combines running, hurdles, light weights, coordinated partner-based exercises and other fun permutations that HMF schemes up. “Every day, it’s something new – if yoga is your thing, you can try hatha or power yoga, or a special class called yoga-lates, where we combine yoga and pilates. If you’d like to mix it up, try a little bit of everything – yoga, zumba, kickboxing, and DBM!”

Our workouts are engineered to make you lean and fit, not bulk you up. -  Siddarth Abraham, Hyper Monkey Fitness

Another gizmo you won’t find in too many gyms, and one that hugely popular, is the Kinect X-box. Loaded with motion-sensor games, it will get your blood pumping as you work your entire body in less than half an hour.

When he’s not pushing the limits at HMF, Abraham is usually on tour with his band Solder, another passion that requires tons of dedication and drive. Does he find the two at odds with each other? “It’s quite the opposite actually; I find they feed off each other. Look at the front man of any great band – the energy they bring to the stage is what makes for an unforgettable performance. And that requires tremendous fitness and stamina. Whether at HMF or on stage, music and fitness are central to my life.”

HMF is the brainchild of Sundeep Suri, Sanket Nayak and Siddarth Abraham, old friends who wanted to create something that will take you back to relive a childhood enthusiasm for playtime. “Hyper Monkey Fitness is all about the fun. Fitness is a happy by-product. What we promise you is an experience that’s high on energy, adrenaline and laughter. This is your place to relax, unwind and de-stress from life. You’ll get into great shape without even realizing it.”

So if you're looking to put the fun back in fitness, head over to Hyper Monkey. You can contact them for more details or sign up for classes here.

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