Blonde and Tom Hanks among nominees for the Razzie Awards 2023

Blonde (© Netflix)
Blonde (© Netflix)

As the dust settles from the Golden Globes, so a different type of award show beckons.

The Golden Raspberry Awards, or the Razzies, is a parody award show honouring the worst of cinematic underachievements.

The event was co-founded by UCLA film graduates and industry veterans and has been described as a satirical ceremony in which, to date, actor Sylvester Stallone holds the top spot for most Raspberry Awards.

The term comes from the expression “blowing a raspberry”, which means to make a noise similar to flatulence.

Those awarded the dubious honour of a Raspberry even receive a statuette, which features a golf-ball-sized raspberry sitting on top of a Super 8mm film reel, spray-painted gold.

The biopic of Marilyn Monroe’s life in the film Blonde has received mixed reviews and the most nominations for a Razzie Award.

The film, which starred Ana De Armas, has been panned by many critics despite receiving a 14-minute standing ovation at its premiere.

Adam Nayman, a film essayist and critic for The Ringer, wrote of the film: “Blonde is the kind of movie that brutalizes you for three hours, feigns a sigh, and says, ‘You’re welcome.’ Well, thanks for nothing.”

Other top nominators include a film by rapper and singer Machine Gun Kelly called Good Mourning which received seven nods.

Another nomination for a biopic, of the life of Elvis, goes to actor Tom Hanks for his portrayal of the late singer’s manager.

Hanks’s portrayal of Colonel Tom Parker sees him nominated as the Razzie’s worst-supporting actor category, due to his “latex-laden face and ludicrous accent”, despite the film being a box office, and critical, hit.

Hanks is fortunately not the only Hollywood heavy hitter to be featured among the Razzies for their less-than-impressive acting.

Former “winners” include the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck, and Al Pacino - with Halle Berry being one of the many actors who won an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year.