'Blown away': Food reviewer praises 'sensational' takeaway near Glasgow

'Blown away': Food reviewer praises 'sensational' takeaway near Glasgow <i>(Image: YouTube)</i>
'Blown away': Food reviewer praises 'sensational' takeaway near Glasgow (Image: YouTube)

A well-known food blogger has praised a 'sensational' takeaway near Glasgow.

The Food Review Club, which has almost 70,000 subscribers on YouTube, stopped by Ladz in Hamilton recently to give their take on the food.

Reviewer Matt ordered a huge spread including a margarita pizza, chicken wings, a burger and peri-salted chips.

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

Tucking into the pizza first, Matt described it as "exactly the sort of pizza you want to scran, that pizza absolutely slaps".

He made a special mention of how good the pizza was for £7.49 and explained that he and his cameraman Callum were discussing how much they wanted a pizza "just like this" on the way to the restaurant.

During the 13-minute video, viewers watched Matt enjoy mango-flavoured wings which made him "speechless" and medium spice wings which "absolutely bangs, with a nice warmth but not too much".

He added: "This is the kind of place you make a detour to come.

"They think about what they're doing."

Matt described the burger as "absolutely gorgeous" and praised the freshness of the tomatoes, lettuce, onion and toasted bun.

He added: "I'm absolutely blown away, this is sensational."

Matt, who began food reviewing in 2018, now travels up and down the UK looking for the best spots.

He has visited Glasgow and has previously reviewed places including Mr Chef in Uddingston and Ladz in Coatbridge.