Blue Badge holders urged to avoid parking in these 10 places at all times of the day

Blue badge holders have to follow these ten rules
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Blue Badge holders, who are entitled to additional parking options to better accommodate their needs, have been warned about certain off-limits locations in the UK.

There are ten specific places, including certain streets, that should be avoided by Blue Badge holders. Other easily overlooked rules include areas where a parking meter is out of operation.

Such simple mistakes could result in fines or penalties. To qualify for a Blue Badge, one must have a disability or a physical/mental health condition. The badge can also be obtained for individuals with dementia, Parkinson's disease, or other hidden disabilities.

A Blue Badge holder, whether driving or as a passenger, can park for free in disabled parking bays and may be exempt from other parking restrictions, reports the Mirror.

As per the UK government website: "You must put the Blue Badge (and parking clock) on the dashboard of the vehicle, where they can be seen. The badge must be front side up so that people can read it from outside the vehicle. You may get a ticket if you show the side with your photo. You must make sure that people can read your Blue Badge. If it gets damaged you should ask for a new one. ".

Despite these relaxed rules, parking in these ten locations can result in a substantial penalty. Here are the places where you cannot park:

  • Where there is a ban on loading or unloading

  • Where parking is only for certain people - like the people who live or work there

  • Places where people are allowed to cross the road

  • Clearways - roads where stopping is not allowed

  • Bus stops

  • School 'Keep clear areas'

  • Bus, tram or cycle lanes - Blue Badge holders cannot drive in bus lanes during their hours of operation

  • Where there are double white lines in the middle of the road

  • Where there is a parking meter but it is out of use

  • Where there are ‘no-waiting’ cones