Blue Bloods Boss Shares Big Final Season Update For Tom Selleck's Frank That May Point To How His Story Will End

 Frank behind office desk in Blue Bloods.
Frank behind office desk in Blue Bloods.

At this point, fans don't know how or where the story of CBS’s long running cop drama Blue Bloods will end. All that we do know is that the forthcoming 14th season will be its last. Delivering its final stories as part of the 2024 TV schedule, the show will eventually start locking in on the Reagan family's fates, with a big premiere set for mid-February. And thanks to remarks from showrunner Kevin Wade, there’s a big update that may point to how the story will end for Tom Selleck’s Frank.

During an interview with TV Insider, Blue Bloods’ big boss started talking up what'll happen during the homestretch for New York’s finest family of law enforcers. And, as far as Frank Reagan is concerned, the write-up mentions everything from a potential romance to retirement seemingly being in the cards. That last possibility apparently stems from a development between Commissioner Reagan and Dylan Walsh’s Mayor Peter Chase. Kevin Wade not only mentioned that this is where the mention of retirement originates, but he also gave the following tidbit about these procedural rivals:

...they also realize they are both examples of ‘It’s lonely at the top. It’s an interesting epiphany.

What could possibly cause the top cop of CBS' ecosystem to finally be ready to enjoy life outside of the uniform? Well, with a two-part run beginning next month and concluding at some point this fall, there’s still plenty of time for Blue Bloods to slip in some twists here and there.

Frank Reagan is certainly going to have his hands full, thanks to his youngest, Sgt. Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) kicking off Season 14 “undercover in a human trafficking ring.” That puts current police commissioner Frank in a tight spot, as any father on the job would be freaked out. Speaking to that point, and seemingly making a good case for why Commissioner Reagan might retire, Tom Selleck commented on this storyline’s effect on his character as follows:

He realizes he’s meddling where he shouldn’t. Frank always wrestles responsibility as a commissioner with his responsibility as a parent.

So could Frank Reagan end his 14-year storyline settling his career, and giving up the game? It certainly sounds like a big possibility, and it kind of mirrors what Tom Selleck’s alleged post-Blue Bloods plans sound like. Only it’s kind of hard to imagine Frank trading in the mean streets of New York for an avocado ranch.

Speculation couldn’t be running higher, as even something as simple as Donnie Wahlberg’s set photo of one of the last Reagan family dinners has loyal viewers already missing the show. Seeing as it’s only been a couple of months since Blue Bloods devotees shared their finale feelings, one can’t blame them. Especially when there’s a chance that not everyone might make it to the dinner table when the long-running series enjoys its final meal.

Blue Bloods will begin to take its final bows, when Season 14 premieres on Friday, February 16th at 10 PM ET, only on CBS. Fans who want to catch up on Season 13, or anyone else curious to check out the series for the first time better have a Paramount+ subscription; as that platform is the sole home to all 13 prior seasons.