Blue Origin: Wally Funk’s 60-year space dream comes true

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 (BLUE ORIGIN/AFP via Getty Images)
(BLUE ORIGIN/AFP via Getty Images)

Blue Origin’s suborbital New Shepard rocket blasted off from Texas on a journey to the edge of space. The crew landed back on Earth safely with Jeff Bezos saying prior to the flight that he was “ready” but not nervous.

The Amazon tycoon was alongside his brother Mark, Wally Funk and Dutch 18-year-old Oliver Daemen who’s been gifted a £28 million golden ticket.

This was the first pilotless rocket, but if a pilot were required, there was only one crew member qualified - 82-year-old aviation sensation Wally Funk, we spoke to her biographer Sue Nelson.

Staying with space, engineers have brought the Hubble telescope back online.

This was the worst fault in many years, which had been operating on non-essential systems for a month.

Pandemics expert Dr Adam Kucharski, an infectious disease epidemiologist, is urging users not to delete the NHS Covid app despite the pings.

Dr. Kucharski says it’s important to continue using the app for the sake of public health following the end of Covid restrictions in England on Monday.

Delivery giants are looking at ways to ease pressure on their supply chain and say a new generation of heavy-lifting super drones could be the answer. And, why our finger prints are being integrated as a payment method into credit cards of the future.

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