Blue Planet II: BBC confirm 'nightmarish' worm creature named after woman who sliced off husband's penis

With its sharp as daggers teeth and scissoring jaws, the cunning Bobbit worm can do a lot of damage.

It can grow up to 10ft long and lies on the seabed waiting for its prey before striking quick as a flash.

Blue Planet 2’s 11m viewers couldn’t sleep after seeing this! (BBC)
Blue Planet 2’s 11m viewers couldn’t sleep after seeing this! (BBC)

The low-lying mega predator left viewers terrified after watching David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II last night, cowering as it cut its prey clean in half due to it’s immense speed and strength.

And fans were quick to share how they wouldn’t be able to sleep that night.

Interestingly, the Bobbit worm is named after Lorena Bobbitt, who made headlines in the early Nineties after cutting off her husband John’s penis in the middle of the night after a row. She claimed at the time he cheated on her and never made her orgasm. The penis was re-attached but never regained full sensation, it is reported.

Lorena and John Bobbitt in 1994 (Rex)
Lorena and John Bobbitt in 1994 (Rex)

The BBC then confirmed the worm’s scary namesake.

According to overnight figures, 11m people tuned into the third instalment of Blue Planet II, making it the most watched in the series so far.

It was also so popular in China, it ‘broke the Chinese internet’. According to reports, 80m of the population watched it, causing the country’s internet connection to slow down.

Kelvin Yau, BBC Worldwide’s manager for China, told the Sunday Times Blue Planet was attracting families who sit down together to watch it.

It’s the most popular show in the world (BBC)
It’s the most popular show in the world (BBC)

He said: ‘With the fast growth of cities, many Chinese, especially younger generations, want to reconnect with the natural world.’

Blue Planet II is shown on BBC1 at 9pm on Sunday.

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