Blue Planet II shows horror of our dumped plastic

Sarah Roker
Photo credit: BBC

From Digital Spy

Blue Planet II continued to make viewers feel horrendously guilty with tonight's episode, especially about all that plastic we use every day that gets dumped in the oceans.

Sir David Attenborough let us know that our oceans are packed with millions and millions of bits of plastic.

A particularly heartbreaking scene showed a plastic bucket getting attached to a sperm whale.

We were also shown the tragic effect some of this dumped plastic has on albatrosses in South Georgia.

When albatrosses travel miles away to find food, they often accidentally bring back plastic bags which the chicks sadly swallow.

And it's not just our plastic bags that are killing wildlife.

The episode began in Norway, where the team followed orcas that had learned to start following fishing boats.

As the boats dropped their nets into the sea, the orcas treated it like a dinner bell and would hunt the fish that escaped from the nets.

The Blue Planet team soon realised how dangerous this new tactic could become.

One orca scavenging around the net became entangled. Trying to escape, he panicked and nearly died from exhaustion.

Thankfully the fisherman was able to release his net to let him go. The orca returned to his family soon after.