Blue star Duncan James rushed to hospital after surgery 'went wrong' as he issues health update

Duncan James
-Credit: (Image: @mrduncanjames/instagram)

Blue singer Duncan James has been rushed to hospital for a 'corrective procedure' after a previous surgery, the 46-year-old pop star admitted, had "went wrong."

The ex-boy band member took to social media as he gave an update on his health following the surgery. He explained: "Some of you may or may not know I had to go into hospital yesterday.

"I was admitted to have a correction of a procedure that I had two weeks ago that went a little bit wrong So I was rushed in and had it all fixed, I was kept in overnight and I'm just waiting to find out if I can go home today - fingers crossed."

He continued: "However, it does mean I won't be able to attend the Foodies Festival today or the Hits Radio Live in Liverpool today which I'm gutted about because I really wanted to do that but the doctors have told me I need to rest up, I need to heal, I need to make sure everything is good where it should be good."

Duncan then ended his post with a heartfelt apology to fans, as he stated: "So I just want to say I'm sorry if I've let anyone down, I am on the mend, I am getting better."

Duncan James was told to 'leave his face alone' after his latest work
Duncan James was told to 'leave his face alone' after previous work being done -Credit:Instagram

He also vowed to keep fans updated with his recovery and expressed his thanks for their support. It comes after Ducan faced 'surgery shaming' by cruel trolls last year, the Mirror reports.

They demanded the singer "leave his face alone" as he posted about receiving facial treatment previously. One critic remarked: "Please leave your face alone, you're good-looking. Too much ruins it."

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Another cynically stated, "Well u have the money for it," while a third complained: "Why you look old now? " One humorous response was, "You do realize there's this thing that happens to people called ageing...", and yet another pointedly told him, "Well, you have the money for it."

However, Duncan didn't appear to be put off by the critics, stating, "My skin is absolutely glowing." The treatment did not involve any surgery. Apart from rosacea, Duncan also struggles with a severe condition called cauda equina syndrome.

According to NHS guidelines, this rare ailment causes the nerves in the lower back to compress tightly. If neglected, the excruciating pain can result in paralysis, which necessitates urgent medical intervention.

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