Bluewater Resident Surveys Wreckage After Home Thrashed by Floodwaters

Homes in Bluewater were ravaged by surging floodwaters on Wednesday, January 30, after days of torrential rainfall lashed north Queensland.

Queensland Police declared a flooding emergency in Bluewater after Bluewater Creek swelled.

Police said on Wednesday that they had been called to evacuate stranded residents.

This footage was taken by local resident Shaun Webb, who told Storyful he lost two cars to water damage. “My horse float is six doors down, I’ve lost family photos and the kids rooms are destroyed,” he said. He said he estimated the water to be a metre deep when he escaped his home with his dog.

The Bureau of Meteorology said the “strengthening monsoon” would cause more heavy rainfall in the week to come. They said some parts of north Queensland recorded more than 500mm of rain in the past week. Credit: Shaun Webb via Storyful