BMW blocked Coventry pavement for two hours and people are furious

It was spotted on Leicester Causeway in Foleshill
-Credit: (Image: Submitted)

'Selfish' drivers park 'where they like' across Coventry, readers have fumed. They have reacted to the story about a BMW driver blocking a pavement in Foleshill for hours.

The 'inconsiderate' parking was on Leicester Causeway, leaving people unable to use the path. It prompted a resident to call the driver 'selfish'.

But, according to CoventryLive readers, it is not just an issue along Leicester Causeway, it is something that happens not only across Foleshill, but city-wide.

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On our page on Facebook, Deborah Townsend said: "Always the same on that road right by the school too."

Ann Williams posted: "They park where they like in Foleshill, on corners, by traffic light, zigzag lines, double yellow lines and on pavements, how the hell do they get away with it??

Lynne Chambers agreed and added: "Foleshill Road is a disgrace they double park on the pavement as well as the road police drive by and do nothing I was behind a police car and witnessed a car driving up the pedestrian ramp at a crossing to park on the pavement narrowly avoiding a pedestrian and he just looked and carried on driving."

Other readers explained similar scenarios in other parts of the city. Debbie Heags said: "See this sort of stuff where I live, especially big white vans taking up at least 3/4s of the pavement.. absolutely no consideration for anyone especially prams/wheelchairs. Selfish

Su Dimbleby added: "In our street daily. Have to ride mobility scooter down the middle of the road."

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