BMW drink-driver 'stung' following 130mph chase on motorway

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The driver reached speeds of 130mph trying to evade police
The driver reached speeds of 130mph trying to evade police

A drink-driver who tried to evade police at more than 130mph was eventually stopped by a police stinger.

Lancashire Police officers said they spotted the speeding BMW convertible on the M61, heading towards the M6, before the driver tried to escape their tail by driving at 120mph through roadworks.

The driver continued to drive dangerously and now in excess of 130mph before he was "expertly" stopped with the deployment of a stinger on the M55.

The BMW was then boxed-in by patrol cars and the driver was found to be double the legal drink-drive limit.

A spokesperson for the force explained: 'Officers spied a BMW on M61 that is of interest.

"It attempted to evade patrols at J9 but is then spotted heading towards M6.

"Returning from an earlier chase in Darwen, officers gave chase and regained contact on M55.

"It then drives at 120mph through the 50mph roadworks heading towards Blackpool.

"Still at high speed, in excess now of 130mph, the BMW continued to be driven dangerously past other road users.

"TPAC plans were formalised for the end of M55 as patrol kept contact.

"As the BMW reaches J4 it is expertly ‘stung’ by the new Sgt and the speed decreases.

"With the speed decreased patrols were able to box the vehicle safely and detain the driver who is found to be twice the drink drive limit.

"They are arrested and await interview. Vehicle recovered."

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