Boat Race 2017 live: Cambridge and Oxford meet on the Thames Tideway for the 163rd Varsity Boat Race

Richard Parry
Harry Engels/Getty Images

Not even a World War Two bomb could halt the 163rd Boat Race as Cambridge and Oxford take to the Thames Tideway.

Police confirmed early this afternoon that the bomb was removed by a specialist team, having been discovered near the starting line at Putney Bridge.

Here are the start times for today’s races…

4.35pm | Women’s race

5.35pm | Men’s race

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Photo: Getty Images

Ben Ruble (bow), 87.3 kg

Freddie Davidson, 81.9 kg

James Letten, 106.5 kg

Tim Tracey, 97.4 kg

Aleksander Malowany, 94.4 kg

Patrick Eble, 90.4 kg

Lance Tredell, 94.3 kg

Henry Meek (stroke), 95.4 kg

Hugo Ramambason (cox), 55.3 kg


Photo: Getty Images

William Warr (bow), 94.2 kg

Matthew O’Leary, 74.8 kg

Oliver Cook, 91.7 kg

Joshua Bugajski, 99.2 kg

Olivier Siegelaar, 101.2 kg

Michael DiSanto, 89.9 kg

James Cook, 84 kg

Vassilis Ragoussis (stroke), 86.6 kg

Sam Collier (cox) 59.8 kg