'It's on the Boat!' Shark Lands on New Zealand Fishing Vessel

A group of people on a fishing charter off Whitianga, New Zealand, were startled and stunned when a large mako shark leaped out of the water and landed on the front of the boat, video uploaded on November 6 shows.

Footage sent to Storyful by Ryan Churches, the owner of Churchys Charters NZ, shows the moments right after a shark lands on the front of his fishing boat.

Churches, the owner of the boat, told Storyful that he and his group of customers were searching for kingfish when a mako shark ended up taking the bait. Churches said that after being hooked, the shark decided to leap out of the water as a sort of “aerial display,” which landed the creature in their boat.

The New Zealand Herald reported that “the shark managed to wriggle free” and that Churches and his passengers “were counting their blessings he didn’t land on the back of the boat.” Credit: Churchys Charters NZ via Storyful

Video transcript

- Whoa. Whoa. Holy [MUTED].


- Holy [MUTED]. It's on the boat.

- It looked like it was on the front runs, but--


- Don't go anywhere near him.

- [INAUDIBLE] . Watch out.

- Sorry, Ryan.

- It's not your fault, right? What the [MUTED]? This is unreal.

- Good skills, Ryan.

- Marker just jumped on your boat.

- Look at it.

- Oh my--

- Just don't-- please don't do anything.

- Yeah, not doing anything.

- Be mean to him. He keeps the bodies away.

- Get him out of the way. Get him away. Get him away, guys.

- I don't know [MUTED].

- You know, marker just jumped on your boat, guys. You wouldn't believe it. He just-- you can see it here. He's not happy.

- What are you going to do?

- What you gonna do? [INAUDIBLE].