Boater Almost Touches Orca's Fin During Up-Close Encounter Off Quebec Coast

A Canadian family had an awesome up-close encounter with a pod of orcas off the coast of Quebec recently, footage posted on August 26 shows.

The video, shared to TikTok by Chanel Nadeau Beaudoin, shows the moment her father almost touched one of the whale’s fins as the family sailed the water surrounding Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon.

She told Storyful that she was out with her dad and her niece and nephew when the whales surrounded the boat.

“They were acting curious and friendly and came to each side of the boat. As we’ve grown up around them, we knew there was no danger in the interaction,” Beaudoin said.

Despite being dubbed “killer whales”, orcas very rarely attack humans, and according to LiveScience, there has been no recorded instance of one killing a human in the wild. Credit: Chanel Nadeau Beaudoin via Storyful

Video transcript

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