Boaters Free Sea Turtle Tangled in Netting

A group of boaters fishing off the coast of Jalisco, Mexico, freed a turtle that had become tangled up in netting on January 10.

Footage recorded by Sheena Crawford shows her boyfriend lifting the entangled turtle out of the water and into their boat. One of the turtle’s flippers is seen wrapped tightly with a polyester line and a bottle, which Crawford said had “small barnacles or clams on it.”

This bottle was how Crawford originally spotted the turtle while out fishing. She said there “were a lot of long lines marked by pop bottles, [but] one seemed very different.”

“We cut all the line and kept it in the boat,” Crawford told Storyful. “My boyfriend dropped the turtle back in because it’s so heavy and we wanted to make sure we didn’t tip over.” Credit: Sheena Crawford via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh my goodness. OK.


- Oh my god, his poor arm. OK.

- Watch out. Watch out. Don't do that. Just let Anne do it, please.

- OK.

- Don't put--

- Oh my god. But I'm shaking. Oh. Oh, his poor little arm. Oh my goodness.

- I do have a knife. I do have a knife. But it's easier to screw up with a knife and cut him more.

- Yeah. Let's lift her a little arm up. Oh, she's so sad. Oh my god. That's so bad. Oh my god. It's so bad.

- Well, he'll be fine when we get this rope off.

- Yeah. Well, I think we're good. Go down. OK. Now I think it's-- OK, I've got this. There's some underneath. Can you lift her up? Yeah? OK. Oh my god. Yes.

- Good here?

- Yeah, it's free.

- [SCREAMS] Oh, look. She can't swim with her one arm, but she's OK. She's saying thank you. She said thank you.

- Basically, that's what she means.