Bob Mortimer Got Married Half An Hour Before Undergoing Heart Surgery

True love never did run smoothly and Bob Mortimer can prove that, with the comic undergoing vital heart surgery just half an hour after he tied the knot to his long-term partner, Lisa Matthews.

The 56-year-old was warned on the day that he was “incredibly ill” but he still arranged to marry the mother of his two children, eighteen-year-old Harry and seventeen-year-old Tom.

Bob recalled: “I found out I needed heart surgery on the Thursday, so I made a will on the Friday. Found out I couldn’t get married to Lisa because you have to give 21 days notice.

“But my consultant said I was incredibly ill, so the registrar in London - I don’t live in London - gave me permission to get married on the Monday. I got married at half 9 on the Monday then went into hospital for the operation at 10.”

Asked if his comedy best mate, Vic Reeves, was best man, Bob replied: “No, there was just me, the wife and our two kids in the registry office, that’s it.”

Speaking at the press conference for 25 Years of Reeves & Mortimer: The Poignant Moments tour, Bob also admitted that he still hasn’t been on Honeymoon wife his new wife, adding: “I haven’t had my honeymoon yet, I might go to Barbados.”

We reckon that he has definitely earned it.