Is body builder Amy the fittest granny in York?

Is Amy the fittest granny in York?
Is Amy the fittest granny in York?

WITH her rippling muscles and lean frame, Amy Oxberry is shaping up to be the fittest granny in York.

Amy, who runs her own personal training fitness business in York, became a granny 18 months ago when her daughter Taylor had a son, Arlo.

But that is not the only transformation in her life.

Two years ago single-mum Amy weighed three-and-a-half stones more and worked a stressful job as manager of Jaguar Landrover in York.

Since then, she has become super fit, entered body building competitions, left her job and launched her own personal training business, AO PT based out of Ebor Fitness off Hospital Fields Road in Fulford.

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Amy said she decided to shake her life up after feeling life was getting out of control.


York Press: Amy, right, during her first body building competition
York Press: Amy, right, during her first body building competition

Amy, right, during her first body building competition

"I was drinking and eating through work stress and being a single parent and was piling on weight.

"I ended up going to the gym and put my everything into it. I lost three and a half stone in two years. I cleaned up my diet, gave up Tesco Meal Deals and processed food for chicken, tuna, fish eggs, all natural, unprocessed sources of protein."

She knocked alcohol on the head too and began focussing on lifting weights - and was amazed to see her body changing shape.

And she uses her story to encourage clients to change their lives.

She said: "You can take control of your life. Exercising is good for your mental health too and can relieve stress."

Amy recently took part in her first body building competition. She didn't win it, but has her sights on claiming the Miss Britain title next year.

She said: "I like to challenge myself. I had always been overweight and ashamed of my body and didn't want to wear a bikini so to stand half naked in front of an audience is the ultimate personal challenge for me." Amy says she doesn't train her clients in body building but does incorporate lifting weights in fitness programmes. She said: "Lifting weights is the thing that changed my physique and changed my life."

You can follow Amy's journey on Instagram at: @ao_pt_york

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