The Body Coach Joe Wicks reveals how you CAN eat burgers and stay lean (Exclusive)

Mike P Williams
Joe Wicks speaks to us about prepping meals, eating out, and disciplining yourself
Joe Wicks speaks to us about prepping meals, eating out, and disciplining yourself

He may have only released his first cookbook a few years ago, but Joe Wicks has become a food and fitness sensation.

In such a short space of time he’s released five books and sold millions of them, broken world records (for public HIIT sessions), secured his own TV series (starting this week), and has become the hottest name in the UK when it comes to health and fitness.

Everyone wishes they could get lean and eat all the tasty foods they want and Joe, 32, has proven that you can.

His ethos is that, if you push yourself, stay committed to doing HIIT (that’s High Intensity Interval Training), and stick to his inventive and liberating eating plan, you can shed the fat, get lean, and lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Joe Wicks whisks up a post-workout shake in his kitchen,
Joe Wicks whisks up a post-workout shake in his kitchen,

With Joe’s new 90-day plan in full swing for 2018, he told us how to achieve our goals, whether working a 50-hour week or constantly on the go. When we spoke to the self-made fitness icon we asked those all-important questions, such as can you really eat lean while in the pub? He also explains why burgers are a healthy meal.

‘When you look at it, a [Sunday] roast isn’t actually that unhealthy,’ Joe says. ‘You’ve got loads of veg, protein sauce… a roast dinner is a good option.

‘Pub classic aren’t actually that unhealthy – it’s just when you drink beer and Guinness with.’

On burgers: ‘There’s a big difference between going to a fast food chain, getting a nasty, greasy burger and making a homemade patty with lean mince or turkey.

‘A nice healthy patty with some lettuce or veg – that’s a good thing to have, and have it with some sweet potato fries.’

Putting us through our paces, the 32-year-old showed off his new and improved 25-minute workouts and how to be burning fat, getting lean after the Christmas period food-binge.

‘If you’re working out you can afford to eat more food you love,’ he says, as his methods of diet and workouts don’t adhere to the strictness of eating bland salads every day for lunch.

But that’s not to say you can have takeaways every night either just because you’re working out – it’s all about balance when it comes to preparing fresh meals with healthy ingredients and being dedicated to doing the HIIT sessions.

And he even took us into his kitchen to show how quick and easy it is to prep that all-important post-workout session shake.

His oatmeal raisin cookie smoothie literally takes minutes to make (as you can see below) and has everything you need, he says, after that grueling workout.

Joe reminds us that you do need to be disciplined and massively motivated internally if you want to see results, but if checking out his Instagram is anything to go by, his client transformations are there for all to see.

If given the chance, the person he’d most like to cook with is none other than sweary chef Gordon Ramsey: ‘I could learn some kitchen stuff, because he’s a proper chef! And it’d be a good laugh … Maybe he could teach me a few things!’

If you want to know more, visit for Joe’s new 90-Day Plan.

Joe Wicks: The Body Coach starts this Tuesday, 8pm, on Channel 4.

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