Body found in search for Michael Mosley five days after TV doctor reported missing on Greek island

Dr Michael Mosley has been missing since Wednesday
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

A body has been found as local police and other specialist teams search for missing TV doctor Michael Mosley.

Dr Mosley has been missing on the Greek island of Symi since Wednesday (June 5), with his wife Dr Clare Bailey reporting concerns to the police when he hadn't returned to his accommodation from a solo walk after six hours or so. Drones, search dogs and the Red Cross have all been deployed to look for Dr Mosley since his unexplained disappearance - with islanders also using their own boats to look for the star.

The search yesterday evening (June 8) turned to a local network of caves known as 'The Abyss', and it is reported that a body has been found this morning (June 9) by the nearby Agia Marina. At the time of writing, no formal identification has been made on the body - however, a police source told BBC News the deceased had been dead "for a number of days".

Symi mayor Eleftherios Papakaloudoukas issued a statement following the discovery of a body during the search for Michael Mosley.

According to the BBC, the mayor said: "During our research, and as we were approaching a cave next to the Agia Marina beach, we were shooting along the coastline with cameras." He said they 'saw an object next to a fence on the beach' and when they zoomed in we realised that it was a body.

Mosley, 67, was last seen on the Agios Nikalaos beach on Wednesday before going for a walk. He is believed to have been spotted on CCTV walking through the nearby town of Pedi, wearing a t-shirt, cap and shorts, carrying an umbrella.

Authorities fear that Michael may have taken a 'wrong turn' onto a 'dangerous' path known locally as 'The Abyss', after initially focusing their search on the Pedi Bay area. The area searched this morning consists of a 'bottomless' network of tunnels which can span kilometres.

A waiter who works close by told The Telegraph: "It’s like a deep system of tunnels, but it is full of water and can spread for kilometres. If there is a hole and you fall, you lose your sense of balance and drown there.

"There is a reason they call it 'The ‘Abyss. There is something very strange going on."