'I was body-shamed during Disneyland visit – people gawped at my curves'

Model Gracie Bon stared at by a group of men at Disneyland
-Credit: (Image: @graciebon/instagram)

A voluptuous model has spoken out about being 'body-shamed' during a visit to Disneyland.

Gracie Bon, hailing from Panama, was enjoying a day at the theme park with her young siblings. However, the 27-year-old expressed that their 'day was ruined' as onlookers couldn't resist gawking at her curvaceous figure and snapping pictures of her.

The brunette stunner revealed she had to endure people snickering at her as she navigated the park, despite her 'just existing'. She urged individuals to show respect towards others and not to make them feel uneasy like she did.

Gracie conveyed her message in a video on her Instagram page, which she shared with her whopping 6.4 million followers. The footage displayed her strolling around the park and experiencing some of the rides while other visitors were caught staring, laughing and photographing her in the background.

Overlaying the clip, she wrote: "It's time to stop body-shaming other people. I was at Disneyland today, I wanted to have fun with my siblings, but our day was ruined by all the people that were making fun of the size of my body.

"The worst part is that they teach their kids to do the same. They kept taking photos of me, they gave me bad looks all the time or just kept laughing at me.

"I know you may think that I am exaggerating and that it's my fault for being a big girl, but this is literally what God gave me and I have to embrace every single part of me. Even if you have a condition, you look different, you shouldn't be bullied for the way you look."

Gracie added: "I would never talk negatively about someone else's appearance. Respect is key. This should be a safe space where everyone feels comfortable and I wasn't doing anything, just existing.

"At the end of the day, I just wanted to have fun like everyone else. If you don't like something, stop hating and keep it to yourself."

Her supporters responded swiftly, with tens of thousands hitting the 'like' button. One follower reassured Gracie by saying: "Don't worry at all. You are beautiful just the way God made you! People are just jealous that you are so beautiful! " Another sympathised, remarking: "I'm sorry people can be so cruel and judge so harshly when they have no room to judge. You are beautiful."

Others came out in her support by voicing their empathy. One said: "Please stay strong and straighten that crown," while another advice was given: "Don't mind them, keep it up."

Despite this, the topic of cosmetic surgery became apparent, with many inquiring if she'd had surgical help for her physique, with a particular interest in a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

Earlier this year, in January, Gracie dismissed surgery rumours by being open that she hasnt undergone facial surgery. Posting on her social media platform, she stated: "How life changes when you start loving yourself. Happy to have you who have seen all my evolution and also those who criticise and wish to be me. And no, I've never had face surgery."

Nonetheless, she has remained silent on whether shes undertaken surgery to achieve her stunning curves.

She has been accused of having multiple cosmetic procedures in the past, including butt lifts, breast implants, lip injections, fillers, and Botox, to improve her looks.

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) rumours specifically came about after Gracie complained that her curvaceous backside wouldn't fit into airplane seats. She urged travel companies to enlarge the seats, stating it 'wasn't her fault her curvy bum won't fit in them'.