Bodybuilder dubbed "Kendall Jenner on steroids" earns five figures a month arm wrestling on OnlyFans

A female bodybuilder dubbed "Kendall Jenner on steroids" says she has the face and muscles and earns five figures a month on OnlyFans sharing arm-wrestling videos. Model Vladislava Galagan, 27, began training at the gym 11 years ago - and took to it like a duck to water. In 2018, she began taking part in bodybuilding competitions - growing her muscles to an impressive level - and she started fitness modelling. Vladislava developed a following on social media - posting training videos and modelling shot - and featured on websites specifically for muscly women. In 2017, she started a Patreon and then in May last year she joined OnlyFans - posting steamy pictures and videos while flexing her impressive physique. One of the most common comments she receives is telling her she looks just like - a shredded Kendall Jenner. Vladislava - originally from Temryuk, Russia, but now living in Prague, Czech Republic - said: "I sell this image of being good looking and muscular and combine it and with a little erotic. "When I joined social media, I learnt there are so many men who like tall, strong muscular women with a nice face too. "People tell me my muscles are photoshopped because they can't believe someone who looks like me could be so strong. "I am constantly told I look like 'Kendall Jenner on steroids'. "I hit the sweet spot with a mix of my face and my body. "But I'm not some vanilla bodybuilder - I'm a fitness model that kicks ass." Vladislava has adhered to a strict diet and workout routine since she began competing in bodybuilding competitions over a decade ago. She goes to the gym at least six times per week - working out for around an hour and a half each time - and eats a protein-heavy diet. She eats four meals a day to make sure she eats over 100g of protein - favouring protein-rich foods such as beef, eggs, turkey, chicken and fish. She also takes performance-enhancing drugs to help maximise her efforts - but says there's no "magic pill" and it must be coupled with a consistent diet and training. She visits the gym six days a week and trains each muscle group twice a week as well as having three cardio sessions a week. In 2016, Vladislava opened an Instagram account and began sharing her gym progress pictures. She also began doing fitness modelling - and due to her toned physique she fed into a particular "fetish around muscly women". As well as contributing to a platform called 'Her Biceps' - specifically for female bodybuilders - she set up an OnlyFans and Patreon for people to subscribe to her exclusive content. She said: "I'm muscular and good looking, it sells really well. "So many people think it's CGI or photoshop, but it's not. "I wear see-through lingerie, leather and latex, but I don’t do anything explicit - I just imply. "I also do arm wrestling videos - people like those." As her subscription platforms and her social media grew, there was one particular recurring comment. She said she is told daily that she looks like a muscly version of Kendall Jenner. On TikTok, examples include one user who commented "@kendalljenner got f***ing jacked" while another said "she's like a buff Kendall.... I'm all for it." A third commented: "Face of Kendall Jenner, body of Chris Evans [from Captain America]." She said she receives these comments daily - although she doesn't personally agree. She said: "I don't really know how they see it. I guess there are some similarities. "It's not how I brand myself, but they like a mix of my face and my body." Thanks to "hitting the sweet spot" combining looks and physique, she takes home five-figure paychecks each month from her OnlyFans and Patreon. She added: "I feel like I won the lottery."