Boiling Your Wooden Spoon Gets Some WILD Results

boiling wooden spoon tiktok
Why Are People Boiling Their Wooden Spoons?@lulaboojenkins

Even in the depths of our deepest TikTok scroll sessions, we didn't expect to become quite so obsessed with people boiling their wooden spoons.

Yes, you read that correctly: people haven given up on pasta and are boiling their wooden spoons.

OK, so they might not be boiling them to pair with a lovely homemade pesto in some random "health" move, but they're boiling them nonetheless, and the results are... something else.

It all started back in late February, when TikTok creator @lulaboojenkins posted a video responding to @kimmyskreations boiling a bunch of her wooden spoons. @lulaboojenkins' video now has over 6.6 million views, and when you see it, you'll know why.

Apparently, when you boil your wooden spoons, all the oils and residue from all those lovely curries, pastas and bakes boils right out of the spoon and into the pan, leaving a brown-ish water in the pan and a whole load of very residue-free spoons.

That's what we've been using to stir our soup??

While some people on TikTok have been doing the same and "cleaning" their spoons this way, others have been lamenting the loss of "generations of flavour" from the spoons, arguing that it makes their cooking taste better, sort of like when you're using a cast iron pan.

Other creators pointed out that without the protective coating that the oils we cook with provide on the spoons, the spoons will dry out and crack.

While it does look extremely satisfying, boiling your wooden spoons might be a cleaning hack too far. There's something lovely about looking at your wisened old spoons and knowing they've created lots of lovely meals, and you might even have one or two lingering in your kitchen passed down from your mum, dad or nana that have memories of lovely meals.

Essentially, did anyone boil their spoons before TikTok? Probably not, and we were none the wiser.