The Bold and the Beautiful recap for April 24, 2024: RJ and Luna reconcile

 Joshua Hoffman as RJ in The Bold and the Beautiful.
Joshua Hoffman as RJ in The Bold and the Beautiful.

RJ and Luna have a chance to talk in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for April 24, 2024.

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We begin today at Il Giardino, where Deacon (Sean Kanan) reads through the article about Janet Weber, aka Sugar. Was she the one who was killed?

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) greets Finn (Tanner Novlan), who’s dressed for work. They share a kiss that gets interrupted by Hope (Annika Noelle) as she arrives to apologize on behalf of her father for all the crazy things she’s been saying about Sheila.

Zende (Delon De Metz) is in the design office with a black eye. He’s thinking back to his time with Luna. Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) walks in and asks how he’s doing. "I have been better," Zende admits. Carter knows it must be hard to work when he’s thinking about Luna (Lisa Yamada).

Luna is delivering a box to Ridge’s office when RJ (Joshua Hoffman) walks in. He gives her a little smile.

Zende says Hope is counting on him and he wants to deliver for her. Carter suggests that he work from home, but he can’t stomach the idea of being in the place where he was with Luna. Carter reminds him that he never should have slept with RJ’s girlfriend. Zende asks if Carter told Ridge about what happened. Carter hasn’t talked to him, but he’s upset at Zende for sleeping with his cousin’s girlfriend. And from the look of things he’s not over her yet.

Luna says she’s delivering fabric samples for Hope. She moves to leave the room but RJ stops her and tells her he misses her.

Hope doesn’t know why her father keeps saying Sheila is alive. Finn thinks Deacon has his reasons, but Hope knows it’s not fair for Steffy. Finn thinks Deacon is in denial and this is part of his grief process. "It’s the only explanation," Finn says.

Deacon can’t believe what he’s reading. A body double explains everything, and it makes him want to know where Sheila really is.

Zende admits that Carter is right and he’s "crazy about Luna." He’d hoped beyond hope that when he saw her in his bed that night, she really wanted him. RJ never crossed his mind at that moment. He wishes he could take it all back because now that night is all he can think about. "For me, it was real," he says.

RJ truly misses Luna. He wants to call her and talk to her. He just doesn’t know what to do or say around her. "This isn’t who we are," he says. She feels the same way but doesn’t know how to fix it. She wants to know where things stand between them.

Delon De Metz as Zende Forrester in The Bold and the Beautiful
Delon De Metz as Zende Forrester in The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy says Deacon can believe anything he wants, but she just doesn’t want it brought into their lives anymore. Hope understands what she’s saying, but her father is still struggling. Finn has to leave for work, leaving Hope and Steffy alone for their meeting. Finn gets a text from Deacon telling him to come to the restaurant. It’s urgent.

"Your mother may still be alive, Finn," Deacon says to himself as he waits for Finn.

Carter can’t believe Luna thought Zende was RJ. Zende admits that he felt like Luna was so close to him, but now he sees it’s because she thought he was RJ. Carter reiterates that what happened was not Luna’s fault and she shouldn’t feel guilty.

RJ says he’s hurt and confused about what happened. It makes him think about her being with Zende. He knows it’s not her fault and she thought she was with him and not Zende. No one blames her for what happened. He wants their life back. He wants her back.

Hope says she’s confident that they can meet the deadlines. Steffy tells her that Thomas and Douglas have been having a good time overseas. Hope tells her she doesn’t have to act. She’s not with Thomas and she’s focusing on work. Instead, Steffy should be grateful for having Sheila gone and being married to a wonderful husband and father. Steffy nods in agreement.

Finn arrives at the restaurant and Deacon tells him that now, more than ever, he knows Sheila is alive.

Carter asks if Zende thinks RJ can get past this. Zende thinks RJ would be "a fool" not to forgive Luna.

Luna tearfully agrees that she misses RJ so much, all the time. She apologizes for hurting him and hates the distance between them. She needs to fix what’s happened and doesn’t want him to forget how much she loves him. "I’m never going to forget," he says. "I’m never going to stop loving you." She rushes into his arms and he hugs her.

Steffy says she’ll never forget how much Finn means to her, even with the connection to Sheila. Hope says the good thing is that they never have to worry about Sheila again.

Finn doesn’t want to hear about Sheila anymore. Deacon doubles down, saying that they need to find her. Deacon says he needs Finn’s help to find her. He quickly explains that Lauren Fenmore explained some things to him. She, too, thought Deacon was crazy until he mentioned the name Sugar. Lauren pieced it all together, and that Sugar had plastic surgery to look like Sheila. After the surgery they were identical. Now Deacon thinks it was Sugar who was killed and that means Sheila is out there, somewhere, and still alive.

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