The Bold and the Beautiful recap for April 25, 2024: Ridge returns

 Sean Kanan as Deacon in The Bold and the Beautiful.
Sean Kanan as Deacon in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Ridge is back in LA and gets caught up on all the things he missed while Deacon convinces Finn that Sheila is alive in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for April 25, 2024.

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Deacon (Sean Kanan) takes Finn (Tanner Novlan) to his apartment and Finn is frustrated that he’s even listening to Deacon. Deacon insists that Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) is alive.

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) says they never have to think about Sheila again and the only one who will miss her is Deacon. "And Finn," Hope (Annika Noelle) says. Steffy knows Finn has come a long way in dealing with the situation and she’s glad they can put it all behind them.

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) share a passionate kiss in the office now that Ridge is back from his trip. He says it was a good trip and shows her the new deal he put together. He also saw Thomas and Douglas and shared that Douglas is loving European life. He asks Brooke what he missed while he was gone.

Brooke thinks about her conversation with RJ (Joshua Hoffman) while Ridge takes a call. RJ swore her to secrecy but she can’t stop thinking about it. When Ridge ends the call, they pick up their conversation about how much Ridge missed Brooke. Ridge asks how RJ is doing and she doesn’t answer.

Steffy says she’ll always support Finn but this whole ordeal has been stressful because she feels that Sheila is a vile human being and she knows it hurts him when she says it. But Sheila is gone so it doesn’t matter.

Deacon explains everything that Lauren told her about Sheila. He swears it’s the truth, leaving Finn to ponder it all.

Ridge is back on the phone, this time inviting people over for a party at the house. Brooke wants to know about Douglas and Thomas. He says they’re bonding in Paris, but he admits that Douglas said he misses Hope. Brooke says Hope is struggling with Douglas being gone while also dealing with a father who still thinks Sheila is alive. Ridge shakes his head.

Steffy tells Hope how awful it was to go through the incident with Sheila, which is why she can’t understand why Deacon is so devoted to Sheila. Steffy says they can’t really move on as long as he’s telling people that Sheila is still alive. Hope agrees, but she is in a difficult place because she knows he’s hurting. Steffy just wants Deacon to stay out of Finn’s head.

Finn doesn’t want to hear the craziness coming from Deacon. He can’t believe that Sheila might have a clone out there somewhere. "Sheila’s more of a genius than we thought!" Deacon exclaims.

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) in The Bold and the Beautiful
Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) in The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke says she’s worried about Hope because of Deacon’s interference. She’s grateful that Ridge was more of a father for Hope than Deacon ever was. Ridge points out that Deacon was a convicted felon and now he’s hanging out with Sheila after everything Sheila has done to them. Brooke knows Hope wants a relationship with her father but Deacon is making it hard.

Steffy calls Deacon "delusional' and Hope agrees, but blames it on his struggle to accept Sheila’s death. Steffy can’t believe Deacon was so in love with Sheila that he can’t accept her death. She wishes he would leave Finn alone so that Finn can move on.

Deacon explains that Lauren bragged about what Sheila did to Sugar. He says that Lauren was the one who figured out that Sheila had a double who was locked up for her crimes. But now she’s been released and she’s the one who was at Finn’s house. "I think Sheila is in real trouble," Deacon says.

Ridge tells Brooke he planned a nice evening for them, including a couples massage and gourmet dinner. She’s looking forward to putting everything else behind them. Ridge asks what Deacon is saying, and once she explains it, he says Deacon needs to let it all go. Ridge doesn’t think it’s fair to Hope or Steffy that he’s pushing his beliefs on them.

Steffy can’t understand why Deacon wants to live his life this way. Hope is optimistic that her father can put this all behind him. Steffy asks if Hope has talked to Finn about it and Hope says he’s shared his nuanced beliefs with her. Steffy hopes they can finally put this all in the past.

Deacon shows Finn a picture of Sugar and Finn dismisses it as photo editing. Lauren has no reason to lie, Deacon says, and he’s certain that it was Sugar who went into the crematorium. Finn says this is beyond belief. He’s put Sheila behind him and he’s let go of the connection to her. But now Deacon is pushing Finn to believe that Sheila could be alive and he doesn’t know what to do with that. Deacon insists that Finn needs to help him find Sheila right now.

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